Pull data from HackerNews API and dump to JSON files

I wrote a simple script to download the HackerNews data from HackerNews API. It downloads the data in JSON format and stores it as a collection of files. The first time it runs, it will create the directory data to store the data. Subsequent runs will update the data in the directory.

At the time of this writing, the HackerNew database has about 35 million items.


git clone https://github.com/iOliverNguyen/hackernews-dump
cd hackernews
direnv allow
go run . sync --concurrent=30 --update-back=1

# for debugging
go run . sync --debug

Install direnv if necessary.

How it works

The script will download the data from the HackerNews API and store it in the data directory.

  • It starts with max item id and works its way down to 1.
  • It spans 30 goroutines to download the data in parallel.
  • Data are split into chunks of 1000 items a file, and 1000 files a directory. Every 100 items download will be stored into a file as <number>.partial.jsonl, and when all 1000 items of the chunk are downloaded, the file will be named to <number>.json. It will skip the items that are already downloaded.
  • Subsequent runs will pick up the data from .partial.jsonl file and continue updating the data. It also take the new max item id and continue downloading the data from there.
  • Can use --update-back flag to update the data from the last N days, to have scores updated.
  • Use --debug flag to limit the goroutine, the number of items per chunk, etc. for easily seeing progress and debugging.


I'm Oliver Nguyen. A software maker working mostly in Go and JavaScript. I enjoy learning and seeing a better version of myself each day. Occasionally spin off new open source projects. Share knowledge and thoughts during my journey. Connect with me on , , , and .

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